Alisha Linarelli, March 2018 Bride

To all brides to be,

This review is extremely important to us and to our families. My husband and I are both Captains in the Army and had been living apart for about two years before our wedding because of work, training and schools. I was stationed in the West while he was on the East Coast, and our wedding was at West Point, New York. I honestly thought I could do everything by myself. I am a Logistics Officer, event planning is what I get paid to do. About 6 months before our wedding I found out I was going to be a company commander. I still thought I could manage both full time jobs. Our families suggested interviewing wedding planners before ruling it out. Marygrace was the one and only recommendation that was provided to us by the Thayer Hotel. I understood why the minute I spoke to her. Before I even agreed to hire her or give her a deposit she was giving me advice and helping me sort through some very stressful decisions. I knew it was going to be the start of a great relationship!

Marygrace and her assistant Ivonne helped me create our Save the Dates, our wedding website, invitations, and a customized logo that went on all of the stationary and gifts that was at our wedding. Everything was of the highest quality and was made to perfection! Because of the distance, Marygrace helped me pick out the best vendors which she knew would be the perfect fit for our style and personalities. She traveled miles to assist us with picking flowers and linens, cake and food testing, and making sure all of my visions and dreams came to reality. They made everything happen, even when it seemed impossible. 

One week before our wedding I went to get my final fitting for my dress local to where I am stationed. The alterations for the dress were poorly done and the lace in the dress was falling apart at the seams and while I was wearing it. I was devastated, in shock, and mortified. I had the absolute worst experience with no compassion or care from the staff. I left the shop crying and panicking. I called Marygrace and she handled it from there. An email was sent to the owner and the dress was shipped to NY. Because of Marygrace’s hustle and determination to fix the problem, we had an appointment three days before the wedding at the corporate office where the designer of the dress’ head seamstresses not only fixed my dress in one day, but made it better than ever and hand delivered it to my hotel at no additional cost. Once the wedding was over and everyone was paid, Marygrace didn’t stop there. She ensured I received a refund from the shop where I purchased the dress for all the additional costs I incurred as well as a full refund for the poorly done alterations. Events by Marygrace literally saved our day!           

Last, but certainly not least I have to mention a few of the little things Marygrace did for my family and for me during the wedding day. My niece who was our flower girl woke up the morning of the wedding day with a cold and being that we were not from NY and there was so much going on, we did not know how we were going to get her medicine and be on time for the wedding. Ivonne immediately picked up medicine for us and my niece felt so much better. While we were getting ready, Ivonne made sure all of our dresses were steamed and perfect without ever being asked. One of my bridesmaids didn’t have time to get shoes and Marygrace came prepared with a spare and handed them over. While I was on the bus to the chapel my dress got lint on it from the carpet in the hotel, Marygrace pulled out a lint brush and got all of the lint off before I entered the church. During the reception, I was handed my favorite drink by Marygrace and was so happy she had thought of me and it really set the stage for rest of the night which was amazing! 

There is so much more I can say, but I think I hit the most important points. What I am most grateful for is the friendship and advice at literally any point in time that I needed them. They are honest, experienced, caring and most importantly strong and extremely professional women. Hiring Marygrace and Ivonne was the best decision we made during the last year of wedding planning. I am truly going to miss them both. Our wedding was perfect and literally everyone was complimenting us on how smooth everything went, how beautiful our set up was, and how amazing the food and deserts were. I received many comments saying that our wedding was the best they had ever been to. I have to give the credit to Events by Marygrace

Gary DeLeo, October 2017 Father of the Bride

Hiring Marygrace as the event coordinator was absolutely one of the best decisions we made when planning our daughter’s wedding.

She helped us with countless details throughout the process including recommendations for the venue, DJ, photographer, florist, hotel and bakery and ultimately working with everyone involved throughout the process. 

She also added thoughtful extra touches that helped coordinate the theme and color scheme. We were so glad to have her as part of our team to discreetly guide us through the reception when we were preoccupied entertaining our guests.

When we were stressed or had something pop up unexpectedly at the most inopportune time, Marygrace was there to take care of it quickly, effectively and professionally.  Throughout the planning process she was available 24/7 and promptly responded to us promptly when in need.  Marygrace has incredible people skills.  She is a great negotiator and advocate and is extremely efficient and results oriented.  Not once was she dismissive of any obstacle.  Her philosophy is to make things work even if we thought it was impossible.  “I’ll take care of it” and “don’t worry about it, I will make it happen” are words that we heard from her often and she never disappointed.

Marygrace’s passion for weddings and planning events combined with her organization and attention to detail made her a wise investment. We highly recommend her to any couple planning their wedding or any other important event; with Marygrace’s help, the wedding was the smoothly run success we were hoping for and it exceeded all our expectations!


Michael Klueber, August 2017 Groom

My wife and I knew we wanted a wedding at West Point (I am a 2007 grad).  My good friend who got married at West Point warned me, "Don't make the same mistake we did.  Definitely hire a wedding planner."  I am so glad we listened to his advice, especially because my wife and I live on the west coast and neither of us really knew where to start when it came to putting everything together.  We saw an Events by Marygrace ad online in some brochure and immediately set-up an introductory call with Marygrace.  She asked us questions to know more about us, what kind of wedding we were looking for, etc.  I think it was only supposed to be1-hour call, max, but it went much longer because Marygrace really had to start from scratch with us and also because everyone already started throwing out awesome ideas.  My wife and I could tell from talking to Marygrace that she would bring a lot of experience, expertise, connections, and good ideas to the table, and we hired her (Events by Marygrace).    

Before I talk more specifically about Marygrace's performance, let me list some of the obstacles we presented her with throughout the planning process so you can get an idea of what she had to deal with: as I mentioned, we live on the west coast so we couldn't make many trips to West Point; we had moved the Cadet Chapel wedding date once, and then we moved times around; we actually cancelled the wedding once and Marygrace notified the vendors, only to decide to have the wedding back on 24 hours later and have to rebook the same vendors; we changed hotel rooms blocks around between local hotels; we actually moved the wedding venue to a different building; we switched our shuttle company; one-quarter of our guests traveled from outside the U.S. (mostly China) and that caused problems with West Point's security checks, our guest count changed every day in the week leading up to the wedding, the ceremony site (Cadet Chapel) was far from the follow-on reception site (Thayer Hotel) and there was a 3 hour time gap between the two events; we insisted on certain photographers who happened to be based in France; we scheduled the wedding the same day as Ring Weekend which meant Thayer Hotel rooms were being booked 1 year in advance by parents of seniors and overall just made everything more difficult; and I can't stress enough how little my wife and I knew about weddings before we started the planning process.  Looking back, I think most wedding planners would have fired us as clients at some point!

Given all of the issues (sometimes crises) above, Marygrace remarkably kept calm, positive, and worked with us to make sure we had the wedding we wanted.  Although we unintentionally threw many curveballs at her, she had answers and solutions to the biggest problems.  Also, since she understood the theme and style we were going for, she set us up with the perfect vendors (make-up/hair was perfect, DJ's were really great and even made some of our very unique requests happen, and the florist's work was beyond impressive) - she didn't just connect us with pre-determined vendors - she matched different vendors to us since she knew who we were and what kind of wedding we wanted.

We were going to a rustic theme with lots of greenery.  Marygrace (and her assistant Ivonne) helped us design our own logo (how cool is that!) and we used it on so many things - they helped us customize our seating boards, menu cards, welcome bags and welcome bag letters, save the dates, invitations, signature drink signs, direction sings, and table signs (I am sure I left things off).  Bottom line - Marygrace and Ivonne had so many great ideas that I am sure we wouldn't have thought of on our own. 

I think above addressed the results-based performance, but I do want to say a little more about the process since I think it is important to know if you are considering hiring Events by Marygrace.  Marygrace and Ivonne we quick to respond to everything, whether it was text or email.  I always said thanks because I know that they worked far outside normal hours, and I always got responses like "no problem" or "that's why we're here" but I know they sacrificed a lot of personal time to make our dream wedding a reality.  Not only that, but Marygrace and Ivonne are good at letting you know things that you don't want to be told, but need to know - which is important because even though the bride is always right, you don't want a wedding planner to just say yes to everything like a robot.  There are times when we would say "can we do …" and Marygrace would let us know why it was a bad, or not great, idea (she always had good points).  We also want to say that we really enjoyed working with Events by Marygrace because Marygrace and us got along very well.  From our first call with her, we had the gut instincts that we really liked her and knew she would be great - glad we trusted our instincts.

I'm writing this review 2 days after the wedding because I want the review to capture "fresh" feelings.  I know wedding expenses can pile up fast and be daunting, and being a finance professional, I look to cut costs wherever possible.  But I will say that hiring Events by Marygrace was not only worth every penny, but was also the best ROI (return on investment) I could imagine for this wedding.  Guests kept pointing out little things from our wedding - things that would not have existed if it weren't for superb planning and creative ideas from Events by Marygrace. One of my biggest concerns was the shuttle situation, but Marygrace coordinated everything perfectly and guests even complimented us on the shuttle busses we had and how transportation went for them that day!  One more thing I wanted to mention - we really wanted the day to go smooth and more importantly, for our parents and wedding party to enjoy the day and not get boggled down answering questions from other guests or worrying about anything - Marygrace and Ivonne both were on site on the whole day of the wedding and this was perfect because they fielded so many questions and smalls issues.  I looked over at the parents so many times throughout the day/night and saw them celebrating without any stress.  This was truly invaluable to us and another reason I think it is great to have wedding planners on site during the wedding (and the day before, too). 

So for everyone reading this about to get married, congratulations!  If you have any thoughts about hiring a wedding planner (if you want to get married specifically at West Point, trust me, you should hire a great planner asap), we give our 100% endorsement to Events by Marygrace and hope you can work together like we did to overcome so many unforeseen obstacles and ultimately have the best wedding possible!  

Marisol Caro, July 2015 Bride

"Marygrace did an OUTSTANDING job when planning our wedding. She took her time to understand me as the bride as well as any requests that my future husband had. The attention to detail was evident the day of the wedding and I knew Marygrace Brennan had listened to all my needs and more.

Since I was an out of state bride, Marygrace took care of my appointments with the florist, bakery, photographer, videographer, transportation, hotel, hair/makeup and many more. 

When I was in town, we would go to as many vendors during the weekend and she would let me know the status of each vendor. She made recommendations based on her broad experience and was always neutral when making suggestions, never pushy. I appreciated this so much because other planners I had spoken to had their own agendas and did not listen to what I wanted. I can't say enough good things about Marygrace and I would recommend her to anyone planning a special event or wedding. I will certainly use her services again in the future".